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It never gets just get better!

Our mission is to help people perform better in every stage of their lives. We provide individualized treatment plans designed to fit your lifestyle and to accomplish your specific goals. We offer a variety of advanced treatment techniques in manual therapy, dry needling, exercise training and patient education tailored to eliminate pain and maximize performance. Our small clinic model provides you greater access to your therapist and the dedicated time to achieve fast, long-lasting results. Whether you’re a competitive athlete, avid gardener, marathon runner or busy parent we have the skills to get you off the sidelines and performing better than ever.

Performance physical therapy and sports rehabilitation was founded in 2018 by Tom Perone and Kerry Hite to bring high quality patient specific physical therapy care to the Columbia area. Prior to establishing Performance Physical Therapy and Sports Rehab, Tom was the director of PT and Kerry a clinic supervisor for the largest orthopedic surgeon's practice in the area. After many years of combining busy treatment schedules with their administrative roles Tom and Kerry decided to venture out on their own to focus on what they love most… treating patients!



Clinic Owner

After completing an undergraduate degree at Virginia Tech in 2001, Tom went on to earn his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of St Augustine in 2004.  He then earned his manual therapy certification in 2005, also from the University of St Augustine.  He has actively treated patients in Columbia for 15+ years . He has been trained in Active Release Techniques, and is also a Rock tape and Graston IASTM provider. Tom is Titleist Performance Institute Certified to perform golf assessments and is also a Maryland certified dry needling therapist. 

Clinically, Tom enjoys treating all types of orthopedic patients, with a strong desire to help both competitive and recreational athletes return to their highest level of function possible. He has worked with many athletes at the high school, collegiate and professional levels. He recently achieved his HSS Overhead Athlete Certification and has developed an evidence based baseball screening and performance system to help young baseball players avoid injury and improve performance. His broad and extensive base of manual therapy skills allow him to treat all kinds of postural, overuse and post operative impairments throughout the entire lifespan. 


Tom is a Howard County native and now resides in Ellicott City with his wife and two sons. When not at the office, you can usually find Tom at the baseball field, basketball court or soccer field with family.  He also enjoys working out and trying to find some time to play golf.  He’s a huge Hokies, Orioles and Ravens fan too!



Clinic Owner

Kerry is a board certified specialist in orthopedic physical therapy.  She earned her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree in 2011 from Marymount University. She has completed extensive coursework in manual therapy treatment of spine and peripheral joint conditions. Kerry is a Maryland certified dry needling therapist with her CMTPT from Myopain seminars. She also has been trained in Kinesiotape application and is a Graston IASTM provider.  She achieved her Orthopedic Certified Specialist designation in 2016.   She is also Titleist Performance Institute Certified to perform golf assessments and an Original Strength Certified Clinician. 

Clinically, Kerry has a strong interest in the management of spine and peripheral conditions and core stability with a manual therapy based approach. She has experience with pregnancy related pain and post-partum rehab. Kerry strongly believes PT plays an integral role in recovery from childbirth.  As an Orthopedic specialist Kerry treats all overuse, sports and postural injuries. She is particularly skilled at treating the pediatric athlete and has hosted many training and sports readiness events for local sports teams.  She also enjoys working with dancers and gymnasts from many local centers

Outside of the clinic Kerry is a busy mom of two children, a boy and girl who are both active in sports. She and her husband  live in Western Howard County and love spending time with the family outside, hiking, playing golf and watching sports. Go CAPS!



Physical Therapist

Dan is a board-certified specialist in orthopedic physical therapy. He attended West Virginia University where he got his bachelors degree in exercise physiology. In 2014 he graduated with his Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree from University of St. Augustine for health sciences. Dan then obtained his Manual Therapy Certification (MTC) also from St. Augustine. Dan is a certified dry needling practitioner in MD earning his CMTPT through Myopain Seminars. He is also an Original Strength Certified clinician, a movement system designed around the neurodevelopmental sequence to retrain the body to move the way it was designed.  He achieved his Orthopedic Certified Specialist designation in 2020.

Clinically, Dan enjoys treating a wide variety of patients with orthopedic issues ranging from head to toe with an emphasis on the spine. He uses a combination of advanced manual therapy techniques, neuromuscular re-education, dry needling, developmental movement patterns, and targeted exercise to alleviate pain and improve function. His goal is to allow his patients to not only return to their previous level of activity but approach their life more functionally prepared than prior to their injury. He has experience working with recreational athletes, post-surgical rehab, weekend warriors, grandparents trying to pick up their grandkids, and everyone in between. Dan has developed a strong interest in viewing patients holistically, aa well as in neuromuscular re-education with formal training in PNF. PNF techniques are designed to facilitate the body to improve function and promote carryover from the clinic into real life.

Dan grew up in Howard County and now lives in Sykesville with his wife and two young children. While not in the clinic, he can be spotted spending time with his family, hiking, mountain biking, playing golf, and tabletop games.



Physical Therapist

Torie is a board certified  specialist in Sports Physical Therapy and is Dry Needling certified through Myopain Seminars.  She graduated with her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from University of Maryland, Baltimore in 2014. She has extensive experience with sports and orthopedics. She utilizes the latest techniques for taping, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilization and exercise. She became a board certified Sports Specialist in 2018.

Originally from Connecticut, Torie spent many years as an athlete and her experiences and injuries during that time lead her to pursue a career in Physical Therapy.  Torie has worked in orthopedics throughout her career. She has worked closely with orthopedic surgeons as well as with elite level baseball players and gymnasts. She has seen all types of overuse, sports and post operative conditions.

While she enjoys treating patients of all ages and levels of function, Torie has a special interest in pediatric and adolescent patients that started during one of her clinicals at the renowned  Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). 

Torie relocated from Tampa FL to Ellicott City, MD. She lives here with her husband, young daughter and two pitbulls. She still enjoys being active and working out. 

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