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Performance Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation


It never gets easier… You just get better.

Performance Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation is a private practice outpatient orthopedic clinic in Columbia, MD. It was created to provide excellent patient care by highly skilled and compassionate doctors of physical therapy.

We specialize in orthopedic conditions, sports injury, and postpartum rehabilitation.  We have advanced skills in manual therapy, exercise training, dry needling, and post operative care.



Dry Needling

Certified therapists skilled at resolving myofascial restrictions including muscle trigger points; a common cause of pain and dysfunction throughout the body.

We have experience with even the most complex athletic issues like muscle strains, ligament sprains, fractures, and major repairs. 

Sports Injury

  • Post-Operative Care

  • Orthopedic Care

  • Pediatric Athletes

  • Pregnancy and Post-partum

  • Sports Readiness

Much More...

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